Washington DC

I saw in an article that Washington, DC is a good place to visit spring time.  The cherry blossom festival had already started and the actual blossoms are said to be beautiful.

Money was tight, but I wasn’t ready to give up yet.  At around 4:00 pm on Friday I got a last-minute hotel deal online and off we went.

It was 11:00 pm when we arrived in DC on a Friday.  We couldn’t wait to see the city, so after check in, we went for a walk.  The streets were a little too dark for such a large city. There were lots of police officers on the streets, on foot, on bicycles, police cars, you name it.  So many officers to the point it made we think we were walking in prohibit grounds.  Look the secret service is over there! Silly us, they were there for the president security.  Every officer is friendly and It must be a pain to them we, tourists, use them for tourist information.

We walked to the south side of the White House, there is a narrow walking path full of flowers on both sides and very green, well maintained grass; I believe it’s called Eclipse.

Saturday we walked all the National Mall, from the White House to the US Capitol.  We believe we can only see and know a city walking.  We went in and out the Smithsonian museums, The National Archives and the US Capitol.  The Washington monument was closed due to damage from the 2011 earthquake.

Sunday all I wanted to see were the cherry blossoms.   The cherry trees were a gift from Japan to the US.  Today there are approximately 3,750 cherry trees on the Tidal Basin in Washington DC.  See more on the history of the cherry blossoms here.  We walked and walked like dumb and dumber around the Tidal Basin in DC looking for the cherry blossoms.  All we could see were trees with young green leaves and its brown bark. Lots of people coming and going, lots of tourists, and local people jogging but the blossoms were gone.  I couldn’t believe it was too late already. I made my husband walk with me from Independence Ave SW to the Jefferson Memorial and not a single flower on the tree to see.

We think we saw some cherry blossoms at the Arlington National Cemetery.  The white  headstones go as far as the eye can see.  They all contrast with the perfectly mowed green grass and trees.  The Change of Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns is beautifully emotional. It makes you feel honor and sorrow at the same time.  It makes you think about how fragile life is.

Monday we were back to work. Washington, DC is a must see place not only for the culture and history but for its beauty too.

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Photos by Paulo Dasilva Photography

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