Napatree Point – RI

We went to Westerly – RI in June.  When we arrived at the B&B, we were greeted by a woman with a fancy hairdo and funny dress.  I thought: hum, is she over dressed or are we not in the right place?  We thought it was funny a place on the beach is suppose to be carefree, and relaxing… but it is Rhode Island after all, people are fancy there. We got rid of our luggage and went to the beach.  Over there the B&Bs have “private beaches” that you have to drive to it and share with guests of others B&Bs.  Once we got to our designated “private beach” there was an entire family, from grandma and grandpa to their grandchildren, with a photographer taking pictures of them at the beach access pathway.   We had to wait a good 20 minutes until we could finally get to the beach.   They were luck the children were beautiful if not we would… truthfully, we wouldn’t have done anything.  The gated area was bla.  Just a gated piece of land by the ocean and you could see Block Island from there.  It didn’t attract us much. We were disappointed.

The next day we didn’t expect to find such a beautiful place, Napa Tree Point. We both asked ourselves: where have we been all those years that we never visited Rhode Island?  To visit Napa Tree Point you have to park your car at Watch Hill and walk there.  There is no road access and that is what makes this place special.  The entire walk to the Napa Tree Point my husband was complaining that it was too far, whining and whining. I almost offer him some cheese with that whining (wine) but it was too hot for that. There you will see different species of birds, clear water and white sand beach.  The breeze will touch your face kindly; you will feel all the vitamin D forming in your body with the sun giving you that nice tan.  The water is a little rocky at the bottom but it’s calm.  Don’t forget your sun lotion and water to keep you hidrated!

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