Portland – ME

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The rocky Maine shores with its clear water and white sand beaches are something else.   It’s not the fact that they serve lobster everywhere and in every way you can imagine and it’s not even the sea breeze.  I don’t know what it is but this place is magical.

The Mainers are easy breeze…  They sometimes call themselves “Maineiacs” but you need to be careful as some people think this is cute and others think it’s condescending.  They were relaxed, welcoming and they world is in the open air.

In Portland, there is plenty to do outdoors.  There are lots of Lighthouses to visit in the area, the Bug light – it’s a tiny little lighthouse also known as Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, you can visit it inside, than you have the Spring Point Ledge Light, the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse (Two Lights), and many shops and restaurants by the ocean.  They also offer whale watching tours and trips to unique islands.

We stayed in Portland; it has that small city atmosphere with a large city support system.   The traffic is easy (more like no traffic) and you still can find free parking on the streets. We think we walked from one side to the other, inside the touristic area.

When this idea of visiting a new place at least once a month came along, we decided to stop spending money buying things in exchange to invest in experiences. So the waterfront shops we visited didn’t really appeal to us, but the restaurants… it was a pleasant task to choose one for every meal.

At Cape Elizabeth, we found some painters trying to capture its beauty on canvas.  Another group of photographers, many tourists, everybody trying to take the picturesque passage home with them.  The souvenir store sells paintings portraying the lighthouse during the different weather portrait.  The paintings of winter and summer months are the most beautiful – in my opinion.

 We went to Freeport to see the very first LL Bean Store.  It was a raining morning and we need some indoor activity.  After that, we went to a harbor, where I eat my first whole lobster by myself.  It’s a lot of work.  You see, I’m used to eat the lazy lobster, out of its shell, ready to eat.  I’m not sure I’ll ever eat it this way again.

Photos by Paulo Dasilva Photography

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