My niece came to visit us a couple of years ago.  It was her first time in the US and she would say that everything was beautiful.   She would take picture of a dried, leafless tree or a dandelion and say:”oh so cute”.  She taught us that it’s not because you see it every day that it becomes ordinary. Today, Paulo took this picture of the city on his way to work.  The place during the day doesn’t have much to offer your eyes, but at twilight, it is gorgeous.

Look around yourself and you too will find that beauty is not far from you.

“If something is not beautiful, it is probably not true.” — John Keats


One thought on “Twilight

  1. Congratulations to Paulo! This photo is amzing! The darkness mixed with the orange/blue sky is poetic! I have a lot of photos like that, because I love so much this moment of the day! wow

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