Devil’s Den Preserve – Weston, CT

So today, we went to discover another treasure near our home – Devil’s Den Preserve.  It was amazing to see how they had already cleaned up most of the grounds after Sandy.   You would still see trees down, some were broken in half others were taken out of the ground by its roots.  Despite of the distressed scenery, it is still a beautiful place to hike.   There are trials from easy to moderate level of difficulty.  You have to go at least to the “vista” point and the Godfrey Pond.  The red and white trails are easier the yellow a bit more challenging at some areas.   There you will find many different types of trees and at some areas, the grounds are covered by green moss that looks like a vivid green carpet.  There you may climb to rock ledges, walk by streams, stop to listen to the water rushing by, the birds and appreciate the view.  It’s a good place to bring your family and to forget about the week ahead.

Oh, for GPS or Google map enter 33 Pent Rd Weston – CT Once you get closer you will see signs to the Devil’s Den.

The pictures will include the Saugatuck Reservoir.

Look for a place near your home to call a treasure place.  We proved once again you don’t need to go far or for many days to enjoy yourself and discover new grounds.

Photos by Paulo DaSilva

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Photos by Paulo Dasilva Photography

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