“Hiking” Above the City

It is fascinating the idea of an elevated park with plants all around it. At the High Line, they have about 50,000 plants, all growing along the park, around the walking path.  There are even some birds, butterflies and other wildlife who calls the High Line home.

We went for a “hike” at The High Line Public Park.  This park was built on an historical (1929-1934) elevated freight rail line above the streets of Manhattan’s West Side. Talk about a nice use of space!  It reminded us of Chicago’s elevated “L” line.  At The High Line, there are different vendors, with high quality foods and drinks.  There you may get from a special cup of coffee; they grind the coffee beans just before they brewed the coffee for you.  Or you may get a refreshing Italian gelato and now even wine (at the Terroir seasonal location).

The park opens all year around, weather permitting. Below the pictures, we placed a link for you to check out their park’s website.  This is a must visit place, where you may get different views of it depending on the time of the day and year you visit it.

Click on the pictures to see them in larger scale.


Photos by Paulo Dasilva Photography

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