We created WEtravelnut  to share pictures, experiences and travel tips with our family, friends and everyone who is interested in travel like us.

We, who?

My husband and I – Paulo & Araceli – we are originally from Brazil but we are based in the US since 2000.

How we started this nomadic wannabe life?

It all started with a promise I made to myself: to enjoy life more.   I was unhappy with life and I needed something to look forward to do.  Like many people today, my life was only work.  Most people only work and work; some of us get nowhere or end up leaving life without having lived it.    After I had read Life Nomadic by Tynan, I immediately thought “I want that experience!”  A million of excuses later, I decided to at least visit one new place every month.  That seemed to be a good starting point and maybe later become a nomad.

It was somewhat easy to convince my husband to like the idea, he loves to travel, but money was tight.  I told him we’ll not have to go far or for many days, we just have to visit a new place every month.   Since March 2012 I’ve been traveling with my loving husband and here you will find our adventures.  Although, I confess, I already went to a couple of places twice, and without him. Just because I wanted to take my parents there and he had to work.  And also, we skipped one month.  Life projects can be like starting a diet, just remember that every week has a Monday… relax and keep going.

Our Mission

We hope WEtravelnut will inspire people to live life at its fullest.  We hope it will help you get rid of all excuses that make you don’t do what you want to do.  Be it travel or move in with a friend.  Be it look for a new job or start a business.  You may start small or big, if you can, as long as you start to do what makes you happy soon.  I hope you all enjoy WEtravelnut with us.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” Henry D. Thoreau

Photographer Paulo Dasilva

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